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Creating QR codes is an easy and free way to reach restaurant customers

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 You’ve probably heard about QR codes – small, bar-code looking symbols that can be scanned on mobile devices to download packets of information — but how can you implement them into your restaurant operations? With the world shifting away from traditional dining models, smart use of QR codes can be a boon to your business — especially since it costs nothing to create one. 

  1. Start by offering your menu online. We recommend you have your menu displayed on its own page on your website, so that a direct link can bring users straight there without further clicking. 
  2. Now, take the link to your menu – and convert it into a QR code. This part isn’t hard – just search for a “Free QR code generator” you will find many online. 
  3. All QR code generators will require a website URL — all you need to do is post the URL to your menu.   
  4. Click download.  

Congratulations, you now have a QR Code!  You can print it out and customers can scan the code and they’ll be redirected to your menu online. This could be an option to help reduce the consumption of single-use menus or simply to provide a digital alternative for customers.