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Governor announces $135 million stimulus package

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Governor Jay Inslee announced $135 million in an economic support package that has earmarked $50 million for industries hardest hit, like leisure and hospitality.

 In a press conference on Friday, Inslee said that, upon hearing feedback to his earlier stimulus proposal, will be using $135 million of the existing Federal CARES act funds to provide economic relief to businesses and individuals impacted by his second wave of industry-specific lockdowns, this time with no additional federal support in sight. The package includes:

  • $70 million will be in the form of Department of Commerce grants
  • $30 million in the recovery loan program

  • $20 million for rental assistance to cover debts and help landlords

  • $15 million in energy assistance for low-income households

Inslee acknowledged the significant pushback he’s received to these lockdowns. He expressed optimism that compliance with this lockdown, this time, will result in control of the viral infection rates. He did say, though, that “inaction is not an alternative” and he warned that businesses who openly defy the restrictions could be subject to enforcement. More details on this relief package and a portal to apply to it should be coming available next week upon the Department of Commerce website. We will continue to get details and work with the Governor’s office to help you navigate the process of obtaining stimulus. Click here for more.