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Governor announces three more weeks of restrictions

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Today, Gov. Jay Inslee announced an extension of the state’s current restrictions on indoor dining until Jan.4. It was originally scheduled to end Dec. 14. Washington Hospitality Association CEO Anthony Anton has issued the following statement on today’s action:

“This extended shutdown will decimate the hospitality industry, with no evidence to support that shutting our industry down works to control the spread of the virus. Rather, restaurants have extremely high safety standards that keep our guests safe. We could have offered people a safe and responsible means of gathering, but cases have only climbed while we’ve been closed. Nine months in, there is no plan to address the harm this has caused to our industry. We are renewing our call, and this time it is much more urgent, for immediate relief for our employees and our industry to deal with the governor’s actions.”

In the meantime, it is time for us as an industry to ask our legislators for immediate relief. The Washington Hospitality Association has a tool to help you through this process. If you operate a hotel or restaurant, if you are an employee in the hospitality industry or if you are a customer, click here. The site will ask you a few basic questions and help you complete an email that will go directly to your elected officials locally and at the state level. The 2021 legislative session is quickly approaching, and we need our lawmakers to know what you have been going through and what you need.