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Governor issues clarification – Mandatory customer log no longer required

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On May 15, Gov. Jay Inslee announced he is “no longer requiring customers to provide a business with contact information.” Businesses are still required to maintain a customer log of customers who voluntarily provide information.

“We are asking visitors to voluntarily provide contact information in case of COVID-19 exposure,” Inslee said. “We only need information for one person per household.”

The voluntary log is to notify individuals if they have been exposed to coronavirus. The contact information will only be shared with public health officials if there is exposure to the virus in the restaurant.

The voluntary customer log information cannot be used for any other purpose, including sales or marketing, Inslee said. If this list is not used within 30 days, it must be destroyed.

Restaurants can use this template to collect contact information, including time and date, name, phone number and email address.

Official memorandum May 15, 2020

Official news release May 15, 2020