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Governor outlines Washington state’s recovery plan

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Gov. Jay Inslee announced Tuesday that it is unlikely that many of the current restrictions to stem the spread of the coronavirus will be lifted on May 4.

Inslee said declines in the number of cases and the number of deaths from the virus are reassuring signs, but if restrictions are lifted now or even within the next couple of weeks, that decline would reverse. He said that industry-specific guidance will be coming down that will help detail how businesses can gradually return to operations.

However, normalcy will not be soon restored. Inslee said the lifting of restrictions will more resemble the “turning of a dial” then a flipping of a switch, and could last for a period of months. He said that until a vaccine is acquired, workplaces will look very different, with rigorous cleaning standards in place and telework encouraged.

Guidance for specific industries will be provided by the state for when and how they will reopen. These guidelines, which were not detailed at this conference, will cover opening in phases, physical distancing, screenings and more. As soon as the Governor’s Office releases those guidelines for hospitality, we’ll provide them to you.

From the press conference on TVW on April 21, 2020.
From the press conference on TVW on April 21, 2020.