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Guidance for operating card rooms during COVID-19

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On Jan. 11, 2021, the Governor’s Office updated its guidance for card rooms and indoor entertainment.

Card room establishments must adopt a written procedure that is at least as strict as the requirements in the new guidance and that complies with the appropriate safety and health requirements and guidelines established by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries and the Washington State Department of Health.

Prior to recommencing on-site services, all card room owners are required to develop at each establishment, a comprehensive COVID-19 exposure control, mitigation and recovery plan which must be adhered to. A copy of the plan must be available at all locations and available for inspection by state and local authorities. Failure to meet this requirement may result in sanctions up to, and including, license suspension.

In addition adhering to activity-specific cleaning, sanitizing and social distancing protocols outlined here, card room operators must:

  • Designate a COVID-19 monitor at each location to monitor the health of individuals and enforce the COVID-19 job site safety plan.
  • Limit capacity during Phase 2 to 25% or a maximum of 200 people (excluding staff). Ensure that proper physical distancing is maintained.
  • Limit points of entry to conduct temperature checks. Employees or guests confirmed to have a temperature over 100.4°F should not be allowed onto the property and should be directed to contact appropriate medical care.
  • Place hand sanitizer bottles at entries and high-traffic areas.
  • Train employees on how to advise guests on practicing physical distancing by standing at least six feet apart from other groups of people not traveling with them, while standing in lines or moving around the property. Employees will be reminded not to touch their faces and to practice physical distancing by standing at least six feet away from guests and other employees whenever possible.
  • Reconfigure the floor plan, including restaurant tables, table games and seating, to provide appropriate distance.
  • Encourage the placement of non-permeable barriers at locations like security, restaurant or dining areas, game spaces and so on.
  • Use cleaning products that meet EPA guidelines. View list of products here.
  • Increase filter replacement and HVAC system cleaning frequency and maximize air flow into the building.
  • Follow requirements for food and drinking establishments outlined here.

Review the full list of requirements for card room operations here.


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