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How You Can Help: Restaurants Supporting Medical Responders

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Our first responders and medical teams are on the front lines of the coronavirus battle and any new meal option during long hours and weary shifts comes as a welcome surprise, and a show of support. Food is love, and our medical teams can use some extra energy, variety and a symbol of how we care.  

As the industry that serves, you can help if your operation is able. The King County Medical Society welcomes your gift of any one-time packaged food donations and thus show of support.  We guarantee these new customers will enjoy what you serve and deliver.

Can you supply freshly made bagels for a morning? Great sack lunches for fifty?  Desserts for a hundred?

Some restauranteurs are doing cookie drives, burgers in bags, or breakfast deliveries. Donations large and small are welcome.   

Please contact Nancy Belcher or Czarina Manzano with the King County Medical Society to share details on what you could offer, when and how. 

If you are looking for ways to support our first responders, this is a perfect opportunity to do so while doing what you love most. Serving.