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Is there grant money available for businesses in Spokane that can help with rent, wages, etc?

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A: Not at the Moment or City and County Working on Financial Assistance Plans

  • Spokane Mayor Nadine Woodward is finalizing a plan that will include some support for small businesses—no details yet…she may release something this evening
  • Spokane City Council is considering an idea to use REIT money (Real Estate Investment Trust) to fund small business loans. Council is also expected to enact an ordinance that bans commercial and residential evictions for the next 90 days. There would be a few exceptions—criminal behavior, property damage, danger to neighbors, etc. Late fees and interest would not accrue
  • Greater Spokane Incorporated—GSI (Spokane’s Chamber of Commerce) is putting together a working group that will address the area businesses’ financial situation and look for solutions in consultation with other groups and municipalities
  • Owner of a restaurant called Ruins has started a GoFundMe effort to help support laid off hospitality workers. He’s working with Big Table on this project