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L&I now offering a grace period for premium payments, 4.8.20

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The Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) announced April 6 it is providing emergency relief to help employers struggling to pay their workers’ compensation premiums during the coronavirus outbreak.

L&I is now offering a grace period for premium payments, along with payment plans for employers facing financial difficulties during the pandemic.

Under this new offer, employers can request for their payment to be deferred for up to 90 days, or can ask for a 90-day payment plan. Either way, the delayed payments will be penalty- and interest-free.

Payments for the first quarter of 2020 are due no later than April 30. To be eligible for this coronavirus-related assistance, employers must contact their L&I account manager if they know they won’t be able to make their quarterly premium payment.

As part of the agreement, businesses must file their quarterly report on time, which is no later than April 30, 2020. Quarterly reports can be filed online through QuickFile.

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