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Can businesses file for an extension with DOR- sales taxes?


“The governor announced the Washington state’s Department of Revenue will be authorized to waive or suspend penalties and interest on certain late tax payments. The state will create payment plans on the core amount businesses owe without filing tax liens in federal courts. A suspension of enforcement actions would also be included — these measures will be in force for at least 30 days.

These measures waive late filing fees for property tax exemption renewals, business license renewal late fees, and excise tax interest on B&O, real estate sales, and other taxes the department administers, including interest related to tax preferences for biotechnology and medical device manufacturing.

All of these tax-related measures are retroactive to Feb. 29, 2020.”

I’m an employer and I can’t receive unemployment. Is there relief for me?

Are you a corporate officer?

If they have opted out of paying into unemployment then they are not able apply for UI

What if anything do I need to do for my employees so that they can travel to work?

At this point, essential businesses are under no obligation to provide documentation for work or travel. This was not an order under Inslee’s proclamation made on March 23rd. Restaurants and hotels are considered essential businesses and can travel to work and for work with no additional requirements.