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National Restaurant Association launches national Restaurant Revival campaign

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The National Restaurant Association has launched a national broadcast and digital campaign to invite diners back to restaurants. The campaign is coordinated with a newly created ServSafe Dining Commitment to urge diners to learn more about steps restaurants are taking to keep them safe. The campaign runs through September in thirty second and sixty second spots.  See the sixty second spot here.

The revival campaign’s goal is to increase on-premises dining frequency and urge diners to learn more about steps restaurants are taking to ensure safety. Association research indicates that while diners want to come back to restaurants, a safe dining experience remains top of mind. To answer those concerns and to encourage diners to return to dining rooms, the Association has developed the ServSafe Dining Commitment. When diners observe the Commitment logo decal on a restaurant window, returning diners know a restaurant follows the Association’s reopening guidance, local guidelines, and have ServSafe certified employees.

Visit the site dedicated to onboarding operators at  To learn more about the commitment at the consumer site,