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New grant opportunities for Pierce County businesses

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NEW! Pierce County COVID-19 Adaptation Grant Program

Pierce County is now reimbursing business expenses related to state-mandated safety practices. According to the county’s website, up to 50% of approved expenses related to coronavirus safety practices may be reimbursed. One-time grants will be awarded to a maximum amount of $8,000. Corporate chains and corporate franchises are generally not eligible for a grant under this program.

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Applications are now open for the Gig Harbor Small Business Stabilization Grant Program

On May 28 the Gig Harbor City Council passed a resolution authorizing the creation of a Small Business Stabilization Grant program to support local businesses with 10 or fewer FTEs. The program is funded by the city’s CARES Act stimulus package distribution. Each awarded grant will be at least $1,500. The application deadline is 5 p.m. on June 25.

Grant funds may be used for the following expenses. A receipt must be provided showing payment dated on or after March 1, 2020.

• Payment of rent or required monthly loan payments
• Payments of essential wages, taxes and normal benefits to employees essential to maintain business.
• Normal operating costs that are included in cost of goods sold on businesses’ income statement (raw materials for manufacturers, component pieces for assemblers, items for resale for retailers, food for restaurants. etc.)
• Normal operating expenses that are included in operating expenses on businesses’ income statement (utilities, insurance, professional services, etc.)
• Normal draw or wages on a weekly or monthly basis to owner

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