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New guidance allows business events to resume

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Gov. Jay Inslee today issued guidance for miscellaneous venues, including convention/conference centers. The guidance allows business meetings, professional development training and testing, and similar activities to occur away from business premises, so long as all requirements are met.

The new guidance allows business meetings, training and testing (or a substantially similar activity) are allowed to take place in such venues. Consistent with the Governor’s Safe Start-Stay Healthy Plan, receptions (other than for limited weddings and funerals), networking events, and live-entertainment are prohibited.

Events will be allowed with a limit of 30% capacity or up to 200 people, whichever is less, provided that six feet social distancing measures for all events, lobby spaces and other public areas are maintained. The maximum capacity number would not include staff. Other standard safety measures such as cloth face masks for all employees and attendees are required, including:

  • Any food service provided to attendees shall be self‐contained, pre-plated, grab‐and‐go meals/snacks to limit contact
  • Retain contact information for all attendees and organizers
  • Adhere to CDC elevator and escalator protocols. Also, post signs strongly advising no talking in elevators
  • Require meeting/training organizers to ensure all attendees are pre-registered and retain contact information for all attendees