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Official Health Department Guidance on Buffets 

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From the Washington State Health Department’s official guidance, Phase 2 and Phase 3 will allow for customer self-service at salad bars, buffets and other communal food sources and drink stations – but only if increased safety is provided through the following: 

  • Physical social distancing of customers in line 
  • All sneeze guards, utensils and other customer-service equipment are properly in place and used. 
  • Any food that has been touched or otherwise contaminated by customers or employees is discarded. 
  • Staff monitor the areas to maintain proper customer usage and food temperature 
  • Serving utensil touchpoints are sanitized or replaced with clean utensils at least every hour in Phase 2 and every two hours in Phase 3. 
  • Hand gel, with 60% alcohol, is available for customer use. 
  • Provide wrapped self-service condiments and disposable serviceware, such as single service packets or carry-out utensils. 
  • It is recommended that you discontinue product sampling and demonstration stations, except for single portions offered in response to a consumer’s request from the service counter.