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Operating requirements for Phase 3 

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Note: On July 23, 2020, Gov. Jay Inslee announced that Phase 3 seating capacity can only be 50% with just five guests per table in Phase 3. The information below is for archive purposes. 

You can find a template for a safety plan here. You don’t need to submit this plan to any government agency, but you will need to have it on the premises and available for review during an inspection. 

  • All previous requirements not changed here must remain in place.  
  • No bar seating is permitted during Phase 3. If an establishment has bar seating it must be closed off to prohibit use.  
  • All parties and tables must be 10 guests or less 
  • Guest occupancy must be 75% of maximum building occupancy or lower as determined by the fire code. Outdoor seating is permitted but must also be at 75% capacity. Outdoor seating does not count toward the building occupancy limit. Outdoor seating must follow all other requirements in this document.  
  • Buffets and salad bars are permitted and must follow Department of Health guidance.