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Pierce County approves $10,000 grants for ‘Main Street’ businesses

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Pierce County will begin administering $10,000 need-based grants to eligible ‘Main Street’ businesses in certain categories.  The businesses include restaurants, taps rooms, and similar eating and drinking establishments that do not have a drive-through, and did not participate in the full-service “Restaurant Rally” support program. Other businesses include caterers, in-store retail, arts and culture establishments such as theaters, museums, and entertainment venues, fitness facilities, gyms, and bowling centers.

The Councils goal is to provide additional financial support to ‘Main Street’ restaurants, retail, arts and culture businesses, and other qualifying businesses to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19 restrictions and preserve a functioning local economy.  The county will use Federal CARES Act dollars for the funds. Pierce County Economic Development Department will administer the funds.  For more details, and other council action on recent relief measures, click here.