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Requirements for indoor entertainment (Updated 2.21.21)

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On Feb. 21, 2021, the Governor’s Office updated its guidance for indoor entertainment. These requirements govern darts, billiards, arcade games, karaoke, indoor playgrounds and other indoor recreational activities not covered elsewhere. For example, bowling alleys requirements are outlined here; live music and entertainment here and fitness centers here.

NOTE: Prior to recommencing on-site services, all business owners are required to develop a comprehensive COVID-19 exposure-control, mitigation and recovery plan at each establishment. A site-specific COVID19 monitor shall be designated at each location to monitor the health of individuals and enforce the COVID-19 plan. A copy of the plan must be available at all locations and available for inspection by state and local authorities. Failure to meet this requirement may result in sanctions up to, and including, license suspension.

Indoor entertainment

Capacity in Phase 2 is limited to 25% of the fire code for interior spaces. All business owners are required to:

  • Ensure that all balls, darts, cues, paint brushes and other equipment used by customers are disinfected after each use.
  • Staff and customers must wear masks.
  • Countertops should be sanitized, as well as doorknobs, gaming machines and pool tables and other commonly touched surfaces.
  • Follow all coronavirus requirements for food and drink.
  • Vending machines should be accompanied with sanitation wipes for customer use, and a trash can for their disposal.
  • Install signs to discourage group congregation and to limit people within a certain area.
  • Monitor the facility to ensure customers remain in compliance and warn repeat offenders where necessary.
  • Provide hand sanitizer throughout your operations.
  • Clean your restrooms.
  • Ensure social distancing guidelines are maintained, as much as possible.

Read more on indoor entertainment COVID-19 requirements here.


Karaoke and other recreational singing activities must comply with the guidance for theater & performing arts found here. These include the following requirements:

  • Solo singers, who are permitted to remove masks while singing, must maintain 20 feet of physical distancing from observers.
  • Multiple singers may not sing together unless the singers wear three-layer masks, have nine feet of distancing between one another, and do not exceed 15 singers in total.
  • Disc jockeys must be separated from performers by a distance of at least 15 feet.
  • Sanitize microphones between users.
  • Each group’s session is limited to 45 minutes followed by 30-minute breaks from singing in between to allow for air exchange.
  • Each group’s session may not exceed two hours in total.
  • For private rooms, make certain that new groups not enter until 30 minutes after the previous group has departed. Sanitize private rooms between groups.


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