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[Rick Braa] Outsource non-operations

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Acclaimed restaurant consultant Rick Braa took the time to host a comprehensive webinar on financial strategies and tips to make use of during the coronavirus crisis. In part seven he went over the importance of outsourcing non-operations-related aspects of your business. 

 “This is a great time to outsource,” Braa said. “I think this is going to be the next big thing we see in all businesses.” The fact is that doing a lot of non-operations-related tasks, such as information technology, human resources and even tasks like coordinating parking can all be done by specialized services with less cost and less stress than doing them with your own staff.  

 Additionally, Braa said, outsourcing can connect you with a pool of resources and shared ideas outside of your usual circle. And with the times being as complex as they are, Braa said, having a really reliable HR resource is a definite need.