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Safe Start for Taverns and Restaurants (SSTAR) Formally Launches in King County Aug 3

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Safe Start for Taverns & Restaurants (SSTAR) Formally Launched in King County Aug. 3

Public Health-Seattle King County is formally launching a new educational program Monday, August 3 to help taverns, restaurants, and food establishments with comply with health and safety guidelines under the coronavirus pandemic.

The program involves on-site operational spot-checks by public health staff to help educate business and identify potential weaknesses for attention by owners and operators. The checks do not affect the establishments’ food rating, and results of the checks will not be posted.

The Safe Start for Taverns and Restaurants (SSTAR) program is to ensure businesses know what’s needed for compliance and reopening, what to do if there is a COVID-19 positive case in your business, and other important resources including the Washington Hospitality Association. Public health staff will be using a 9-point checklist covering the following:

  • Employee health screenings
  • Employee facial coverings
  • Employee social distancing
  • Sanitation and hygiene practices
  • Seating capacity (50% of total)
  • No bar seating
  • Customer face covering
  • Customer social distancing
  • Customer contact tracing system

Public health has a webinar replay on the new SSTAR program here.  For helpful guidance on the latest officials requirements for Phase 2 and Phase 3 Restaurant, Tavern, Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries, click here.