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Seattle Public Utilities Temporarily Halts Food Packaging and Bag Enforcement

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The COVID-19 crisis is impacting retail food service and grocery operations and may temporarily affect compliance with Seattle’s bag and food service packaging requirements. While policies remain in place, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is hitting a temporary pause on enforcement of non-compliant food service packaging or bags during the coronavirus crisis.

Non-compliant food service packaging and products and bags can be used on a temporary basis, but SPU cautions businesses not to overstock on non-compliant bags or packaging and return to compliant packaging as soon as possible. If non-compliant products are substituted on a temporary basis because of a lack of supply, businesses are encouraged to post simple signage explaining to customers the change is only temporary. For full details about food service product and bag compliance, click here.

During the COVID–19 crisis, Seattle policies remain in place, but there will be no enforcement action taken on businesses that are unable to remain in compliance.  For answers to additional questions or assistance, call 206-343-8505 or email to