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Staying in business: Coronavirus checklist

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Check our website frequently for updates. Updates continue to be posted regularly.

Things to consider doing this week:

  1. By now the Employment Security Department confirmation letters are arriving.  Be sure to confirm your employee for standby status (this alleviates the need for them to look for new work) and request the extended benefit term, which is now a 12-week maximum.  Your employee can only request four weeks and many have possibly requested less time. Requesting 12 weeks will avoid reapplying later. 
  2. Read the latest on Paid Sick and Safe Time – get local clarity here and you can get the latest on federal paid sick leave as that information comes in on this page.  
  3. File a business insurance claim- We are in unprecedented circumstances.  You may or may not have coverage; however, filing the claim can’t hurt and it may give you a timestamp on losses.  Claim filing information should be included in your official policy documents.  Consider filing due to business interruption.   
  4. Have you contacted your landlord? 
  5. Have you deferred your utility payments?
  6. Have you filed for tax deferment? Click here 
  7. Are you considering Small Business Association loans?   
  8. Have you checked the expiration dates on your beer?  Can you return inventory?  Check with your distributor.
  9. Do you have any inventory you can donate?  Consider your local food bank.
  10. Have you responded to this federal action alert?   
  11. Relief for small business operators continues to evolve at the federal level.  Please consider contacting your representative today:

Patty Murray- Official Site

Maria Cantwell- Official Site

Contact your U.S. Representatives