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[Webinar recap] Best practices for employee coronavirus screening?

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In the next part of our latest webinar, Ready for Winter, featuring epidemiologist Mark Springer from Spokane Regional Health District and King County Health and Environmental Investigator Doug Dyer, we went over best practices concerning screening employees for coronavirus. 

 According to Dyer, based on operators he’s worked with, a couple of best practices have emerged. Large corporate entities that have technological resources have employees answer a series of questions on their symptom status prior to logging into computers or tablets. This can be a good method of instilling into employees’ thoughts of what their personal responsibility is when they come into the workplace, Dyer said. 

 Dyer also recommended implementing a redundancy to this method. Have a shift manager also ask these same or similar questions of a staff member. This is especially important when you have a work environment where people speak multiple languages. Dyer said that verbal communication can get through a lot of interpretation issues that might otherwise arise. Verbally confirming with an employee is a great practice for smaller operations as well as the larger ones.