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[Webinar Recap] How long is this going to last?

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In part of our latest webinar, Ready for Winter, epidemiologist Mark Springer from Spokane Regional Health District and King County Health and Environmental Investigator Doug Dyer discussed how long the lockdown conditions may be expected to continue, and how asymptomatic persons can spread the coronavirus.  

 Regarding a timeline for how long coronavirus will remain a high-risk to the community, Springer broke down the current rates of infection. Only 10 percent of the national population is infected — for herd immunity to come into play, we’d need to see over 50 percent protected by either vaccine or by their own immune systems following successfully beating a coronavirus infection.  

 A vaccine may be available as early as December, but it may not be until early spring before one becomes available. Even then, distribution could take about six months. You should expect conditions to remain challenging, and for businesses to remain impacted by this, into the fall of next year. 

 This also serves to drive home the importance of habitual social distancing and mask use throughout this period. The fact is that coronavirus can manifest completely asymptomatically, and those who do not show symptoms may still spread the virus.  “Those who are positive for coronavirus may infect others up to two days prior to any symptoms. prior to any symptoms showing. Maintain mask wearing and social distancing no matter what.