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[Webinar Recap] Masks and Social Distancing

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In our webinar, Ready for Winter, epidemiologist Mark Springer from Spokane Regional Health District and King County Health and Environmental Investigator Doug Dyer joined us to go over best practices regarding coronavirus and the coming winter season. This section concerns masks and social distancing. 

 Masks do not diminish the need for social distancing. Unless you are wearing medical-grade masks, if you are closer than a six-foot distance with somebody for 15 minutes or longer, you’re going to be considered to be in “close contact.” Masks can reduce risk, but distancing is the most effective thing. 

 For food establishments, the specific type of face covering isn’t of high concern to officials. Having a face covering is what is important.  

 It’s important to adopt practices that promote and encourage extended physical distancing, rather than worrying too much about the specifics of masks. It’s all important, though — masks combined with social distancing is what makes either effective.