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Workplace Safety – FAQ

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Q: Are plastic masks acceptable for employees to use? Plastic masks that can be reused, washed, sanitized?

A: At this time, no official guidance has encouraged the use of reusable plastic masks. Plastic masks are not considered acceptable on their own at this time, but may complement the use of cloth masks if desired. Cloth masks have been uniformly deemed appropriate for front and back of house operations. Specialized equipment may be necessary for some aspects of hospitality. See the official guidance here. 

Q: An employee was exposed to a someone who later was confirmed with coronavirus. Employee is asymptomatic. Is the employee required to quarantine for 14 days?

A: Yes, according to the Department of Health. If you think you have been potentially exposed to coronavirus, you should self-isolate for 14 days since their last contact with an individual who has tested positive for the virus.

Q:  If they have been exposed, what benefits are they eligible for? Accumulated PTO, state and federal paid leave?

A: While certain exceptional circumstances may exist, we developed a handy tool to help begin determining what benefits any given employee may be eligible for, which can be found here. This flowchart provides some detail and guidance and more information on what benefits there are and where to find them.