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Lodging businesses in Washington state can remain open while requirements regarding public spaces like pools and sport courts remain in place. Employees should be trained to maintain social distancing, wear masks and properly sanitize all areas of the establishment. Below, we have provided lodging-specific resources and tools to help you keep up with the changes to guidance at the state and federal levels. If you need more specific guidance, or if you have additional questions, please call your Territory Manager or email

Lodging Coronavirus Operations


Fully vaccinated weddings, funerals and events: New guidelines

  • Venues hosting wedding, funerals and events may now operate at full fire-code capacity if guests meet the fully vaccinated guidelines.

Back to work toolkit

  • Find resources and fresh ideas to help you staff up in our tight labor market and challenging times.

Tell lawmakers to pass the Save Hotel Jobs Act

  • The extremely hard-hit hotel industry has yet to receive direct aid, and the Save Hotel Act will provide a lifeline to hotels and hotel workers

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