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Washington state has reopened! The resources and information on this page are designed to help your lodging operations recover from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. If you need more specific guidance, or if you have additional questions, please call your Territory Manager or email:

Lodging Operations


Current Guidance and Requirements

  • Up-to-date business guidance and recommendations from the governor’s office and state agencies.

Mask and Vaccine Signs

  • High resolution PDF signs you can download and display in your business.

[Toolkit] — Vaccine and mask options (and requirements) for your business

  • Resources and options as you consider mask and vaccine policies that work best for your business.

[Toolkit] Back to work

  • Find resources and fresh ideas to help you staff up in our tight labor market and challenging times.

[Toolkit] Setting your company’s vaccination and mask policy

  • Use this toolkit to understand the requirements and opportunities as you set your vaccination and mask policies.

Tell lawmakers to pass the Save Hotel Jobs Act

  • The extremely hard-hit hotel industry has yet to receive direct aid, and the Save Hotel Act will provide a lifeline to hotels and hotel workers

Eviction moratorium ends for lodging operators

    • Hotels and motels may proceed with removing guests starting July 1.

Latest Posts

Employers revisiting teen workforce to address labor shortage

The current workforce shortage is forcing many in the hospitality industry to rethink their approach to staffing. Even with Washington state fully reopened, it could take a years for hospitality businesses to hire and retain enough staff to meet demand. So how do businesses overcome these challenges? The answer to that question will look different for every employer. But nearly all employers will likely need to expand their applicant pool to attract new employees.

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