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We have a plan: All counties move to Phase 3 May 18; fully open by June 30

May 13, 2021 | Hotel COVID-19 Operations Guide, Reopening 2021, Restaurant Reopening Guide

Businesses in Washington state will fully open on June 30, if not sooner.

Today, Gov. Jay Inslee announced a plan to move forward in his Healthy Washington—Roadmap to Recovery plan.

On Tuesday, May 18, all counties will move to Phase 3.

“Our state will be able to lift the vast restrictions on our business community on June 30,” he said.

Inslee said the state is now using a strategy based on vaccines, rather than personal behavior.

“We have universal access to the vaccine now,” he said. “It’s safe. It’s free. What’s not to like?”

Additionally, the state can fully reopen on June 30 or sooner if 70% of everyone 16 and older has received at least one shot of the vaccine.

To fully open sooner than June 30, Washington residents would have to reach:

  • 40,000 vaccines per day on average to open May 31
  • 23,000 vaccines per day on average to open June 15

Right now, Washington state’s seven-day average for daily vaccinations is 46,664. At our highest point, it was 88,000 vaccines per day.

You can read the governor’s full statement here.

With the CDC guidelines just coming out today we are all seeking clarifications. Based on conversations this evening with the governor’s office these are the Washington Hospitality Association’s recommendations until L&I has time to issue specifics.

  1. Vaccinated employees are allowed to remove their masks, unvaccinated employees will still need to wear their masks.
  2. Until clarification is issued, guest mask requirements are a business decision.

Additional guidance will follow in the near future from the state.  We will update our website and let you know when we receive them.

“Today, we are excited to see a clear path forward,” said Washington Hospitality Association President and CEO Anthony Anton. “We are so thankful to the nearly 20,000 Washingtonians who have joined us over the last week in our petition to the governor for a reopening plan.

“This is a moment we’ve all been working toward for 14 months, as we’ve stayed home, wore masks, and physically distanced from our friends and loved ones. Now, we can all rally around a common goal: If we work together, we could reopen within a few weeks.

“We stand ready as a united industry to help our state achieve this critical goal and then keep working together to recover.”